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Well, I finally found my way into the big, blog universe.  Hello Blogosphere and welcome to my garden!  An extra special warm welcome to gardeners who love to recycle and DIY, like me. Welcome to my garden!

I’m a born and raised Californian who is a self-taught gardener and a recent transplant to the Mid-Atlantic/East Coast region during the winter of 2010, just before 2011.

Welcome to Repurposed Gardener,  a new blog about taking my existing ugly, woodsy, backyard consisting of pure shade, weeds, moss, poison ivy, and rocks and transforming or “repurposing” it into a gardener’s backyard paradise.

Check out those ugly “before” pictures below.  They were taken during the first summer of 2011. The concrete bird bath and benches have moved with us so many times, they are really starting to show wear on their treads.  They look overwhelmed by the backyard jungle.  Me, too!

I had BIG landscape ideas for this new home, but not a BIG budget to do a total makeover, especially after all the expenses of a cross-country move.  I simply decided to create my dream backyard from scratch all on my own. While that dream evolves, I hope to share my (mis)adventures, ideas, projects, pictures, tips, failures, and successes with others who might want to do the same.

I’m not a pro, so I’ll just use my imagination, thrift store finds, repurposed items, along with a LOT of compost, recyclables, and sweat equity to achieve the ultimate garden of my dreams. At times, I’m sure I will need to hire help from the pros for some bigger heavy lifting projects.  

Please join me on this journey of self-discovery, gardening, sharing, and blogging, which now gives me a great new sense of passion and renewed purpose as the Repurposed Gardener is born!


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