Garden Tour – Manhattan Beach, CA

My sis lives in beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA – home to Hollywood movie stars AND gorgeous xeriscaping and succulent gardens which are perfect for water conservation since CA is currently experiencing a severe drought.

I love visiting her and walking her sweet dog on The Strand by the Pacific Ocean. Everyone must think I’m a tourist (even though I’m a born and raised Californian) since I make everyone stop every few feet to snap photos while admiring all the beautiful MB mini-gardens exclaiming,”Wow!” every 2 seconds.  Cheap entertainment for me, who is so easily impressed!  It helps that there is usually a Starbucks pitstop at the end of our route. Walking, talking, and snapping pics makes thirsty work!

Succulents MB2Succlents MB3Succulents MB4Succulents MB5

I was so inspired after my California visit last spring, that I couldn’t wait to get home and create my very own mini succulent garden in my backyard. It’s missing the ocean waves in the background for ambiance, but it’s still a unique little spot and I just love how it turned out.

2014-0409 Weadley Yard Succulent Tier1IMG_1002IMG_1001IMG_0999IMG_1006IMG_1004

Many succulents can’t survive our brutal East Coast winter weather.  We’re not as lucky as those beach bums who enjoy Southern Cal’s tropical climate.  Some of my succulents needed to spend their winter vacation warming their roots inside the house.

Now that winter is officially over (it’s almost May) those little guys will march right back outside and I will give them new friends to keep them company.  Various sedums, hens & chicks (Sempervivum,) and prickly pears (Texas cactus) were about the only succulents tough enough to “rough it” outdoors alone during the freezing winter.

I used to think succulents and desert plants were not very attractive, but I’ve obviously changed my mind. Hubby would say, “So what else is new?”

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