Gathering of Gardeners

Spring 2015 begins 5th season growing season of my backyard’s transformation and I’ve recently been told it’s starting to look Zen or Japanese. So many people have helped me along the way to gain the confidence and skills to create my little 1/2 acre garden sanctuary. 

I’ve met some truly wonderful people and fellow gardening enthusiasts through internet sites, Craig’s List Farm & Garden, local educational workshops, plant swap groups, Facebook groups, seed exchanges, and word of mouth from other gardeners and landscapers.

Each person has helped me on my dream garden quest by sharing their insight, skills, knowledge, plants, tips, advice, tools, and supplies, usually at a very low cost and sometimes even free. Professional help doesn’t come cheap or free, but it’s so valuable when you hit design road blocks or don’t have the necessary skills to implement your visions.

Wouldn’t it be fun to host a “Gathering of Gardeners” like they do in Ireland and Scotland for the “The Gathering of the Clans?”  I visited Ireland for the first time last summer and was in awe of the lush gardens, both large and small, everywhere we traveled.  No wonder it’s called the Green Isle.  The gardens were spectacular!

My “Gathering” would be a small Garden Tour & Open House (free admission, of course) to show my gardening friends how much I appreciate all that they have helped me achieve so far.  A way to say thank you and give credit to all the generous gardeners who were so helpful when I first started my backyard makeover.

I think it would be a fun get-together and could someday evolve into an annual event.  Maybe we could eventually take turns touring each other’s gardens for ideas and inspiration.  Later, we could add a plant swap or seed exchange as part of the festivities.  But, I’m getting carried away.  It’s my idea of a perfect day, but would anyone want to attend? Hmmmm, I wonder?

My yard is always a work in progress and never finished.  Wouldn’t it be fun for all those people who helped me from the very beginning, see their contributions and know how much I appreciate their generosity?

Friends & Family:  Each of you who listen patiently to “The Repurposed Crazy Plant Lady” talk endlessly of plants know who you are!

Facebook Groups: Philly Area Plant & Seed Swap, SE PA Seed Exchange

The Professionals: Garcia Bros Landscaping, Keystone Gardens (Mike & Mia), Marty Long Tree Sculptures, Elegant Gardens, Vizzard Trees, Regan Trees, Jenkins Arboretum, Chanticleer Gardens, Longwood Gardens, Waterloo Gardens, Do It Best Hardware

Craig’s List and Other Gardening Friends:

2012: Jim & Nancy (Berwyn), Barbara (NJ), Kristin (Phoenixville), Rich (Wounded Warrior Media), Joanne T. (Paoli), Linda B. (NC),

2013: Allen (Norristown), Katrina (Philly), Renee (Havertown),

2014: Joanne & Steve (Duncan Farms Devon), Mary (Conshohocken), Marie (Phoenixville), Larry (Audubon), Gary (Valley Forge/Malvern), Carolyn (Wayne), Marty (Manhattan Beach), Lee (Wayne),

2015: Helen (Wayne), Jim (Berwyn), Kurt (Kimberton), Deb (W. Chester), Alex (Philly), The Plant Man (W. Chester), Tom (DE), Romy (Coatsville), Margaret (Bala Cynwyd) Debbie (King of Prussia)…

The list keeps growing, but all of you have my sincere thanks for your many kindnesses and helping to make my dream a reality. – JD

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