Green is the New Black


I’m seeing GREEN and it’s not from envy!  It’s from weeds, moss, poison ivy, and living in total shade. Help, I need some color therapy!

Just look at this backyard photo taken in May 2011 during our first summer.  You can’t even see the blue sky.  Quite a contrast from the Colorado summers we were used to and where people enjoy sunshine and blue skies 300 days a year!

Living in total shade can really depress and darken one’s spirit.  I know it did for my me after moving to woodsy PA. In Oregon where it rains non-stop, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a very real thing and people treat it with sun lights and color therapy in their homes.  When we lived in Portland, we followed the lead of most Oregonians, by painting the interiors of our homes with bright, cheerful colors (color therapy) to combat the dreariness of winter weather.

My ultimate goal for this new backyard is to add as much color as possible (other than green) to make sure there will always be something colorful and interesting in bloom during each of the four seasons.

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful blooming backyard in springtime and once those blooms disappear, nothing blooming during summer, fall, and winter until the next spring.

Like anything that is good, you wanna make it last as long as possible!

If you know someone affected by SAD or color therapy (good or bad) please share some coping tips. It may just be helpful for someone else experiencing the the same ordeal.

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