Wagons Ho, Moving East!


What does moving have to do with a blog about DIY gardening? When you have moved as much as us, quite a bit. Everything changes.  There are 3 things in life you can always count on… CHANGE, CHANGE, and CHANGE!

We have a fridge magnet from our first move with a our philosophy on moving. It shows a girl at a fork in the road with signs to the right and left saying “YOUR LIFE” and “NO LONGER AN OPTION.” It’s  a good reminder to look forward rather than backward.

Switching, losing, or starting a new job usually brings about major life changes and often requires moving. You are forced to find a new home, new schools, new neighbors, new stores, new doctors, new friends, while still mourning the loss of those same things that were left behind with your old life.

People are different. Home styles are different. Planting zones are different. Change forces you out of your comfort zone where most people don’t like to be.  It causes discomfort, frustration, and fear of the unknown.

I believe our homes and gardens are an extension and reflection of style and personality of the people living there. When you move around, you are forced to start over from square one trying to create a new life both inside the house and out.

Some people thrive on change while others avoid it at all costs. However, change happens whether you want it to or not.  It seems the more and harder you fight it, the unhappier you are.  At least, that was true for me.  Going with the flow of life’s changing, raging, river instead of standing stubbornly in it’s wake, will allow for the change to evolve naturally moving through you and eventually become part of you.

Once a new situation is accepted and embraced, everything else seems to naturally fall into place and happiness is allowed to grow.  Just like happy flowers in a happy garden.

If you have some good tips or advice to help others going through the stressful time of moving, please comment and share.


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