Uninvited Garden Guests

Chipmunks, & squirrels, & snakes, OH MY!  Some critters just love to visit me in the garden without invitation and cause my heart to palpitate or give me a heart attack, depending on the type of visitor. Snakes are probably the major worst offenders.  At first glance they can sometimes … Continue Reading →

Blog Faves – Madisyn’s DailyOM

I enjoy reading other bloggers and NOT all of them write about gardening. Shocking, I know, but I do have a few other interests!  Hubby may disagree while his eyes glaze over listening to me yammer on and on about plants, but it’s true. One blog I’ve subscribed to for … Continue Reading →

Garden Tour – Longwood Gardens, DE

With Google and Pinterest, I’m able to search for millions of answers to my gardening questions, help identify plants, and discover new ideas and inspiration for building my dream garden. Being a bit old school, I still enjoy reading hard-copy (not ebooks) self-help gardening books, too. Especially, books chocked full … Continue Reading →

Herb Spiral Evolution

While searching Pinterest for garden ideas, I came across some amazing tutorials and various ways to build an herb spiral. Some fancy and some not.  I had a spot in the backyard where the stump of a leaning beech tree was ground up after removal of the tree.  The spot … Continue Reading →

Butterfly Hill – Marty Long Tree Sculpture

Deep down, I’m a tree-hugger at heart and really dislike cutting down trees.  Read the children’s book “The Giving Tree” and you’ll see why.  It breaks my heart to kill a tree, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.  Especially in my tree-filled neighborhood where trees cause major property damage and … Continue Reading →