Butterfly Hill – Marty Long Tree Sculpture

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Deep down, I’m a tree-hugger at heart and really dislike cutting down trees.  Read the children’s book “The Giving Tree” and you’ll see why.  It breaks my heart to kill a tree, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.  Especially in my tree-filled neighborhood where trees cause major property damage and knock down power lines with every storm or mighty wind.  

Several old, dying, dangerous trees were removed from our yard before we even moved in. Then we removed several more a year later. (Cha ching!) The most recent victim was a giant, old, split-trunk white oak tree at the back of the property.

Last summer, I noticed one trunk of the old oak was brown with no growth AND leaning dangerously over my neighbor’s yard. The other trunk still had green growth, but tree experts told me it was only a matter of time before both sides would be too dangerous to climb for safe removal. From past experience, I knew removal would be messy and expensive (cha ching again!) and that I would be left with a huge eyesore at the highest focal point in the back corner of the property.

Grinding stumps the first time created HUGE drainage issues on the back slope. So, when the tree service came this time to remove the latest culprit, I stopped them from cutting down both trunks below a 5-6 foot mark. Instead of grinding this time, I had seen some tree carvings on Pinterest and wondered if I could turn mine into a sculpture & bench combo.

The split trunk naturally had a winged effect and I envisioned a bench with a butterfly in the middle. I researched online and found a local tree carver, Marty Long, who lives in the area and I contacted him to see if my idea was even possible. I’d seen several tree carvings all around the neighborhood, which are most likely is his handiwork.

When I mentioned my tree carving idea to another contractor who happened to be working for me, and he said he knew Marty and could highly recommend him since he had used Marty’s services in his own yard and was a very happy customer.



Well, Marty came to my house this spring 2015 and made my vision come true.  I must say, I’m very pleased and couldn’t be happier with my new “Butterfly Hill.”

Thank you for making my dream come true, Marty!  Your’e my “garden” angel. 🙂


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