Uninvited Garden Guests

2014-0414 Weadley Yard Snake1

Chipmunks, & squirrels, & snakes, OH MY!  Some critters just love to visit me in the garden without invitation and cause my heart to palpitate or give me a heart attack, depending on the type of visitor. Snakes are probably the major worst offenders.  At first glance they can sometimes look like a stick, until you bend down to pick them up and they slither away.  Don’t they know I’m trying to work here? BTW, they move very fast.

Hubby just rolls his eyes and shakes his head from the safety of the patio and says I should just ignore anything beyond the patio wall.  What about all the weeds in the back 40?  Doesn’t he know the dirty little secret that weeds multiply like rabbits – which is another critter who tends to pay me a visit from time to time.  At least they are sweet, little, and cute. Unlike some Hubbies!

Last spring, when I sent my sisters a text with the above picture of Potter inspecting one such garden guest, they both said the same thing, “EWWW! Gross! Disgusting!”

Growing up, our mom let our brother have pet snakes since he was the only boy in a house full of girls.  I guess she thought it would make him manly or something. Those slithery beasts lived in an aquarium on top of the TV.  Talk about scary television! Whenever those grossoscities went missing from their home atop the TV, my sisters and I would run around screaming “Eww” searching for safety on high ground (usually the furniture) yelling at our brother to hurry up and catch them.

Without a fence protecting our backyard, hungry deer also are often unwelcome guests to my garden.  If I take the time to plant, water, and care for beautiful flowers, hostas, shrubs, or perennials, I really don’t want to wake the next morning to find their tops missing.

Potter, my guard cat/dog (he’s not exactly sure which he is) once had a standoff with a bunch of deer while trying to protect his property.  One HUGE buck (or doe) snorted at him and stamped his/her hoof as if to say, “I’m much bigger than you,” but Potter would not budge. I think I had to scream like a banshee to finally scare them off.  Potter just stood his ground.

I think I’ll leave Mr. P in charge of defending my garden from deer, while I deal with rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels who like to play hide-and-seek with my bulbs.  As for the slithery spineless unwelcome visitors, I hope they call first before they stop by.  All I can say is, “Eww! Gross!  TOTALLY disgusting!”

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