Blog Faves – Madisyn’s DailyOM

I enjoy reading other bloggers and NOT all of them write about gardening. Shocking, I know, but I do have a few other interests!  Hubby may disagree while his eyes glaze over listening to me yammer on and on about plants, but it’s true. One blog I’ve subscribed to for … Continue Reading →

Gathering of Gardeners

Spring 2015 begins 5th season growing season of my backyard’s transformation and I’ve recently been told it’s starting to look Zen or Japanese. So many people have helped me along the way to gain the confidence and skills to create my little 1/2 acre garden sanctuary.  I’ve met some truly … Continue Reading →

Green is the New Black

I’m seeing GREEN and it’s not from envy!  It’s from weeds, moss, poison ivy, and living in total shade. Help, I need some color therapy! Just look at this backyard photo taken in May 2011 during our first summer.  You can’t even see the blue sky.  Quite a contrast from the Colorado … Continue Reading →

Wagons Ho, Moving East!

What does moving have to do with a blog about DIY gardening? When you have moved as much as us, quite a bit. Everything changes.  There are 3 things in life you can always count on… CHANGE, CHANGE, and CHANGE! We have a fridge magnet from our first move with a our … Continue Reading →

Hello Blogosphere!

Well, I finally found my way into the big, blog universe.  Hello Blogosphere and welcome to my garden!  An extra special warm welcome to gardeners who love to recycle and DIY, like me. Welcome to my garden! I’m a born and raised Californian who is a self-taught gardener and a … Continue Reading →