About Me


Hi!  JD here, welcoming fellow gardeners, recyclers, and do-it-yourselfers. To my family and friends I’m known by other names like Spouse, Mama, Sissy, IWiddy, Queenie, My Queen, Plant Lady, Tree Hugger, Cat Lady, OCD, and Crazy Lady, but JD will work just fine.

Born and raised in California, I have since moved cross-country several times and lived in almost every time zone of the US.  Home is currently the Tri-State area (NJ/PA/DE) of the Mid-Atlantic region, or plant hardiness zone 7a for serious gardeners.  Spoiler Alert: Over the last few years we’ve experienced the coldest winters on record, 2 hurricanes, summer heat waves, and an earthquake – and some people think California is bad. Ha!

I’m the city slicker daughter of a mom who grew up a western farm girl  in Montana, Washington, and Idaho.  Even though we lived in a major city growing up, we somehow always managed to have homes with backyards, room for pet animals, and gardens with fruit trees.  It’s a tradition that I’ve tried to create and maintain with each move.

Our most recent East Coast move was probably the hardest adjustment of all. Feeling transplanted and displaced, I devoted my time inside and out, trying to make this new house and garden feel like familiar homes of my past.  No easy task!  Always mud-covered and exhausted, I discovered a renewed passion for gardening and a sense of purpose as I worked to tame the wild woods of my 1/2 acre backyard.  Wanting to share this adventure with others like me is how Repurposed Gardener was born.

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